[Interview] Bahk Seon Ghi: The Master of Hanging Installation

JUNE 25, 2020

By Ungyu Yeo

An aggregation 20170830 2017 hcm 300, 400 x 100 Charcoal, nylon threads

Bahk Seon Ghi constantly examines topics such as the past and the present, existence and illusion through artwork of hanging charcoal in space which crosses sentiment of the East and the West.

An Aggregate 10-11 Installation, hcm 750 Nylon threads, Acrylic beads

An Aggregate 120126 Installation, hcm 700 Nylon threads, acrylic beads

A piece of work recognized as a three dimensional black-and-white drawing has been being possessed and displayed internationally from European countries like Italy, Switzerland, and Germany to Asia and the Americas. He was awarded the ninth Kim Chong Yung Sculpture Award in 2006.

An aggregation 20170207 h 330cm, 810 x 450cm Colored table tennis balls, Nylon threads

An aggregate10-05_charcoal, nylon threads, etc._70x70cm 270hcm

Art Terms is honored to have interviewed with Bahk Seon Ghi. We would like to share this joyful experience to all.

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